A piece of today

I got given some first assignments. Two pages on Chinese ethnic groups language policy, with an emphasis on the autonomous region of Mongolia in China  and one page on the limitation/bias one’s language can induce in everyday life. The courses are European and Asian languages and cultures, hence the linguistic approach on the papers.

today’s pictures are sponsored by my visit to nearby temples, with no connection to Mongol linguistic policies…

It does sound kind of scary because these will be the first pieces of assignments I’ll be writing in Japanese. I laid out the subjects I wanted to talk about in English, very briefly and I’ll try to directly write in Japanese to avoid the terrible ‘translated’ essay style. There are no sources required for those, so there is no pressure to find precise academic material. I just have to get out of my head smart ideas and phrase them in Japanese. A challenge I am kind of excited for, even though I have barely a week to write them and this week will be very busy because my mom is coming (hi mom, soon you’ll be on the other side of the blog, or the globe, either way works anyway!).
So tomorrow it will be… !

I was a little bit less lost this week, or rather I was lost in different subjects than last week. It was also a bit harder to keep the curiosity of the first weeks going on and it can be kind of soothing to close my eyes when a ramble of Japanese goes through my ears. But I need to be strong and do my best to stay awake and extract some meaning out of these words.
Even during a 20mn Chinese documentary with Japanese subtitles.

see it as a metaphor of students watching the documentary in class. i’m the one behind that’s trying to fusion with moss out of despair

My, those were intense 20 minutes.

I think my eyebrows have never dance that much for a long time. I was constantly frowning/looking confused and there must have been a slight ounce of exhaustion through my eyes in the end. Ahah, I really tried.
But my interest for China is growing when looking through the glass of all the ethnic groups the country is made of, so that’s good. I’m happy about that! Great thing because I have seven days to come up with two pages on it.

my working situation to kill 4 hours between 2 classes and trying to get inspiration on linguistic policies in east asia


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