In today’s episode; we cook some aubergine thing

Hi there.


I woke up around 8:30, not feeling very fresh but definitely ready to welcome my mysterious visitor at 9. Someone rings and I open the door. It’s a girl my age but nobody seems to know her in my apartment. She then starts to explain and everything come to place.

The shop I sent my lens for repair did not have my phone number and did not communicate by email (I was told the contrary, but alright!) Therefore they sent out one of their personal, here a girl from my university having a side-job to this camera shop, and she came all the way to my dorm to deliver me some news; the cost of repair of my lens (I still feel awful that it’s been barely two weeks and I’ve already broken one of my lens.) Thankfully, it is far from the hundreds and hundreds of euros I was told in most of the shop, and I biked to the physical location of the store in the afternoon to tell them I’d go with the repair. Yay!


on the way to the camera store


it’s 30 degrees and very humid, i’m having a lot of fun on my bike for 30mn #sweat


much heat, much clouds, so much fun


Once this encounter over, and multiple multiple thanks to have come all this way to give me the information on a Sunday morning, I go on with my day. Nothing exciting except some culinary recipe that I found some weeks ago and have done three times so far. So let’s go!


Aubergine thing

I’ll let you click on the pictures because we are an interactive blog here.

Step 1:


Step 2:


look at the temperature and despair because it’s only 9:41 god damnit



Step 3:


Step 4:


Step 5:


Step 6:


Done with my little morning cooking, I went for some grocery shopping and brought back enough to make a Green Tea Chiffon Cake. I mentioned it some days ago and the peer pressure was strong enough for me not to wait any longer and I made it today with Yuuka, my roommate. This is the third day in a row that I am eating like a monster, ugh.

But anyway, we worked our arm muscles and beat the egg whites to make them raise, and we baked two small and beautiful chiffon cakes.



Then I’ll keep it short, but it was a real mess to organize something for dinner. It took hours but eventually, we ate. So yay, mission success!


take a good look at these homemade gyoza, because they got completely destroyed while cooking




seven people cooking in a small kitchen, today’s challenge (and challenge for many days to come it seems)



setting up the table with the aubergines and what is left of the gyoza after burning them


And the result, with the homemade dessert (accompanied with vanilla ice cream and homemade anko -red bean paste- 😉 )



#yes #goalcake #someonemakethatforme #illmarryyou #welldiscussthetermsmaybefirstbutyougettheidea #millenials #theyusethesedamnhashtagsallthetime #cantreadathingwithoutspace #ugh #sorrymomanddad


We ended up the dinner with alcohol (but it’s a secret, the foreigners being the only ones ‘old enough’ to drink legally) and some conversation I wasn’t too much into. The evening was really nice but the subjects of conversations weren’t too crazy.


we shall not give up to the victory sign. not this time



 i don’t really know what we went for there



peach liquor and then plum!


The evening ended (I guiltily kind of pushed it to an end. We already lost one person gone to her room to talk to her family and drunk conversations with Japanese girls isn’t fun, it’s all gossips about people we don’t know 😦 ) and it’s with excrutiating bellies that we waved goodbye to the girls of the other apartment and we wished each other good luck for tomorrow.


Tomorrow is Monday.


Back to university 😬

#yes #comeanddestroyme #mybodyisfulloffood #imreadytobesad



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