ok, it did get better today

oh my, I can’t believe it but it got better!


so I didn’t sleep well. Woke up around 10 with the same headache, chilling with me these past three days. I was awake at 6 because of the sunrise and at 7 because of loud roommates. So I didn’t get much sleep and was awake only after half the morning was already gone. I had a lazy start with two chapters of grammar before I decided to take my bike and go to the city center and buy some battery for my dictionary and some eye mask to sleep past 6 a.m.




There was some sort of ‘coffee fair’ in front of the train station with coffee degustation and food trucks!! I never saw that in Japan before and I kind of got hyped up so I had to get something… I went for a green-tea/red beans crepe and I talked a bit with the owner who was definitely really kind.



I had just enough time to bike back to the university, pick up the necessary papers for the courses registration and hop up onto the second registration.



There was very little new information 😬


It took a lot of time, with very few interesting pieces of information in it. Most of the stuff explained should have been explained two weeks ago. It’s a bit too late to tell us now how the trash works, but alright, we’re okay hearing it for the third time. 😬


After the two hours passed, we were invited to a welcome student party, and I have to say that the staff of Nagasaki University tried really hard to make it enjoyable and they succeeded! Even though they are completely stuck in this spiral of bureaucracy (where rules are the rules, and the moment something is not written in the rules, it is complete fucking utter space and no one understands what is going on and you’re left with a « sorry, you can’t do that ») and it is literally killing everyone’s patience and creativity, tonight was a good experience!


Never thought I’d see a piece of light in this tunnel (even though it’s more like a window on the outside until the descent continues).


We were all the international students from all the faculties (including medicine!) and it was a mix of Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kongese, Malaysians, Brunei (met 2 of them, adorable!), Egyptians (3 super enthusiastic people), Nigeria, Uganda and our little group of Europeans (some British, German, Dutch, French, Belgium, Italian so far). I tried to go out of my way and ended up talking to quite a few nationalities (I am patting my shoulder for having the courage to go around and talk to people I don’t know.)

I also enjoyed the opportunity to stuff myself with all the free chocolate there was to eat. This was basically my dinner.

The welcome party was basically a chance for us to all meet and I was very happy to go out of my circle because inevitably, there was a divide between Asians and Europeans, and most of the people stayed with their own nationalities/people they knew. There’s also the fact that the Europeans all speak English while the Asians speak already quite a bit of Japanese.

Overall, good event and I even met a professor that studied at Leiden University and who, naturalized Japanese, now works at Nagasaki University. He invited us to drink a beer after the event. It’s with 2 Dutch, 1 Belgium, 1 German and 2 Japanese that we went there, and all had more or less a link with the Netherlands, so there was a lot of Dutch involved. The fact that somehow I ended up there makes me smile.




We went to a bar I heard a lot about and the evening was really nice as well. The professor was pretty helpful about our situation and with the help of some of the students, I was able to identify a bit more precisely which courses I could take. It does feel like I’m doing the cold chicken, but I was straight up told that I would fail the courses I would take in Japanese. It was hard and no exception was made for international students.

I, therefore, managed to reduce the amount of courses in Japanese to 2 only. I gave up some interesting subjects for way less interesting ones, but I feel like getting the credits is going to be way more difficult than I thought if they fail you without hesitation here…  The professor let me have one of his classes and this evening ended up easing my panic a little bit. Now, I just need to manage 2 classes in Japanese and validate them! (+ the 6 others ones in English)

Somehow in my head, it feels easier than 4 classes in Japanese. We’ll see… But I was glad to have some guidance on the courses. I was told that the teacher of one the class was pretty bad/not understood by anyone and since his subject is Humanity and Cosmology, I’m not gonna risk that one…





So yeah, things were a bit clearer. Still have to wait for October 13th to be sure, but you know, we’ll get there eventually. At least having one professor supporting us lifted a big big big weight out of my shoulder. I mean, I don’t think much can be done, but just the moral support was tremendous.

I was told that the Japanese teacher I had a meeting with, has quite a reputation and she said to the other Dutch students that our worries were just drama 😬   So maybe this is just her, and I’ll just keep my distance from now on.


After the bar, we parted and I went to the common room of one of the international houses with 2 Dutch, 1 German, 1 Ukrainian, 1 Australian and 1 Japanese to play some card version of the Werewolf with beers and a little bit of food.



We played up to 1 a.m. and damn, if you knew how much it felt good. I have been in such a shit hole lately and getting my mind out of it (even though I kind of turned the whole dinner into a ‘let’s find a solution’ evening…) is like getting wings. I am flying away from my worries and I can look at them from afar.

I just need to get the courses approved, then we’ll be good. Then, I’ll just have to work as best as I can to validate everything.


It can be done. I’ll try at least, you can be sure.

The song She’s A Rainbow of the Rolling Stones suddenly reappeared and I was just strolling around today with this jewel in my ears. It’s not that hot anymore and being outside is doable so I am enjoying the return of my ‘sound-tracked’ life.


Let’s make it last through the weekend before the university nightmare comes back Monday and destroys all of my schedule plans 😬  #cantwait #yes #ruinallofmyplans #loveit #illendupseppukuanyway



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