it just gets better everyday

Today was honestly another source of despair.

Day started quietly by grammar (ahah…) where I finished the first very beginner book. Now that the really basic bases have been written and reviewed, time to upgrade it.

Made myself some lunch before joining my two German crew at the university in the early afternoon. Angie gave me a booklet that was describing the courses (what we should have been given months ago) and I was able to re-adjust some of the wishes I wanted to make course-wise. I mean, it’s still quite complicated as half of my courses are in Japanese, but at least the other half is in English.


cafeteria meal the girls ate


Then, we had the orientation. I will not describe it. It was a pure joke, lasting two hours. 40 exchange students, and 30 Japanese students tutors.

A guy showed up and was giving the explanations while another lady from the administration was translating. At every step of the course registration procedure or anything university related, she was punctuating the translation with a: « I don’t know why you have to do that but… », or « I know it is useless but… » and even better « I’m sorry, I don’t know why you need to get the approval of 3 people for each course you want to take. »


So yes. I still don’t know my time schedule. Nor the classes I’m allowed to take. The way it works is that you show up to class and you beg the teacher to accept you. That’s the first approval you need. Once you’ve done it with all the classes you need (8 in my case), you need to have your supervisor’s approval. So far, it seems like it’s just another person in the administration. When this is done, you need to get the administration approval. This needs to be done before October 13th.

Mind you, at the same time, I need to make sure my home university accepts these courses.



I swear, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be crying in a corner.


This university is a joke and even Japanese students at the end stood up to say they didn’t understand a word of the class registration process. We were all asked to go out and the orientation was over.


This place is a pit of anxiety, nothing else.


let’s stare at the cats of the university to relax, ok?


I went home at 7:00 p.m., and since there was a plan to make dinner with my roommates, I waited for them to come home. They were actually asleep and it’s only towards 9 that we could eat. I was starving but the homemade-ness of the meal was really worth it. We made some niku-jaga, a mix of beef, potatoes, onions and carrots cooked together, along with some Japanese soup and rice. I felt like I just re-tasted this part of Japanese cuisine that I like so much. The simplicity of a homemade meal.


We stayed awake until 11:30 p.m. to prepare in the common room the birthday of one of the guy from the dormitory. We were around 8 girls, decorating the room and laying out the cakes. Evelien and I got some weird look from girls that never saw us before and the atmosphere was a bit strange at times, but overall everyone was very friendly and it was hard not to feel included!

‘Ken-Chan’ arrived, we sang happy birthday and ate a piece of cake. He turned 19 and he was gifted two bottles of wisky. Thank god the drinking age is 20 in Japan 😉



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