Izakaya solace

I had a lovely, lovely dinner with Mitsuki and her brother and it helped save the day. We went to this amazing izakaya chain, re-creating a Showa period ambiance (pre and post-WW2) and transcribing it through drinks and food. The result is composed of low prices, amazing atmosphere and hearty meals.

Nothing better to mend my little heart who’s been told all day that the lens was good to throw away.




the old advertising flowing
some cabbage as appetizer and a drink with an mandarine inside




fried pieces of cheese with okonomiyaki
staring into your soul






old powdered soda
ok so this dish is called ‘university potato’ (大学芋) and none of us knew why it was named like that. i’ll just say it’s a potato that was able to graduate (卒業した芋か、頭がいいな芋)#ilovedthispun





The morning was spent with Evelien and Betsy (the Dutch and German exchange student) to plan a small trip for tomorrow and saturday. Hopefully, we’ll be hanging out around Unzen and we’ll visit an onsen! (which is perfect to heal my fucking breakdown which caused me to sit at a cafe and cry for half an hour 😀 #pressure #loveit #likearicecooker #sorry)


funny anecdote: a woman stopped me in the middle of a busy downtown street and asked my if I had found a bike. took me a while to understand but she was at the city hall when i asked them if they knew any second-hand bike shops! we spent a good 10mn talking, where she told me she visited leiden and also spoke good french. a random mix that got even more interesting when she told me to visit her at the city hall to have lunch with her. she gave me the time to come (10mn before 12!) and the days she was working. she was really kind but it felt like such a curious encounter. we parted ways and 5mn later i hear someone calling my name. i see her running and she starts presenting me to her husband, a teacher of japanese history at university. we finally said bye and i think i’ll go to the city hall, may it be to just ask her how i can translate my driver licence. she seems like an interesting person for sure!


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