busy day: oh yeah

So today, I did stuff!

i re-did a road because why not, y’a know

The university orientation was mainly to help us fill the papers to give the city hall. We had to write our names 15 times.


15 fucking times.


I have 5 names.


I had to write 5 names 15 times in tiny boxes. And let’s not talk about katakana, where they ended up by telling me « sorry, we cannot put the sound -vé- so we’ll write your name -bé-. » I mean, okay, if that’s what life is gonna be like, then okay.

This fun part aside, I didn’t get to see the others exchange students really. We were assigned Japanese mentors (mine is 18 years old and since I already went through the city hall procedure three years ago, there wasn’t much to do) and I stayed with her for most of the day. We ate lunch together (after 20mn to take a decision on where to eat, whyyyyyyyyy) and she was kind enough to accompany check a bike store 30mn away from the university!






which was closed.


on a tuesday.


after a three day week-end.



why, nagasaki, why.


So we went back and did our little one-hour promenade under a blue sky, the classical after-typhoon weather. I love it. If I could, I would just roll into the atmosphere out of happiness for no rain/okay temperature. She had to take a bus to go home (her family lives in Saga prefecture, below Fukuoka) so we parted, and I made my way downtown to look for a bike.


the megane bridge


look at that blue sky, will you?



Because this became my obsession: get a way to never use any type of transportation ever again. Netherlands, what have you done to me? 🙂


So I walked to a bike store where he had three poor, almost broken bikes too big for me. He told me to check Don Quijote (because OF COURSE they sell bikes, I mean they sell food/free-tax perfume/sex-toys/toys for children, why not bikes?). So yep, they had them but pretty crappy ones. I kept it in a corner of my mind and continued my quest to other big malls where they have sport sections. At the last one, I was told to check a discount store, not ‘far’ from here. I stopped for a Starbucks because I wanted to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte (congrats Simone, I got so curious with your posts about it ahah) but I discovered that they only offered mapple syrup latte 😦  -because nagasaki ain’t taking any of dat spice business-


the barista liked my tee-shirt so I guess I deserved a smiley face


After absorbing the iced latte in one gulp (it was tiny), I walked around the harbour because I needed some vitamin D after yesterday. Damn, it felt so peaceful. And warmer than last year in November.


true to myself, i still take pictures of people and walk away really fast




And then, I walked. I walked. I walked.


yay, naked people in stone
pavement side is for the weak



I was already done with walking when I reached the 10km mark and sore feet but I continued to climb up the hill the discount store was on. The view from up there at that time of the day was pretty awesome and it felt like a great reward. All these hills and the last light of the sun touching the peaks… It’s hard to feel anything else than pure awe (maybe the adrenaline helped, but damn, I loved it.)



tadaaaam tsou!


I reached the discount store and found some interesting bikes. After a compromise (because I wasn’t gonna find a race bike in Japan for a reasonable price, may it be new or used), I went for a light city bike that wasn’t too expensive and benefited from a free-tax purchase.


everyone i met was smiling and happy. maybe the weather, the atmosphere, or drugs, who knows. sorry mom




It’s with a lot of pride that I went down the hill with my bike, hoping that the breaks would work and they did like a charm. Tested and approved. (nothing better than a steep hill at night to try a new bike 😀 #safetyfirst)


And since I was feeling a little euphoric, I decided to take small and little ways. So cute, with nice views and all that.


aw, cute night landscape…
… less cute uh


Ending in stairs, of course. And since I didn’t want to go back up, I just thought « it’s fine, I’ll carry it down these 4 floors of stairs, it’s fine, it’s a workout! ».


Then I tried to lift the bike and all the weight of my decisions came and crushed my enthusiasm. It’s with grunts and a mental face palm that I went down the endless stairs.  Once done, I quickly got back up and biked away as if nothing happened. No one saw, nothing happened.


the peak i’ll one day climb (or take the shuttle to, one shall never know the way)


Got home and went to put my groceries away (because I was also carrying 1kg of groceries on my back during this trip 😀 #travellightly #minimalism). Decided to go to the beach tomorrow and I have some cooking session in the evening with Mitsuki, and I’m def looking forward to that hehe! (my, I got influenced by Ibone’s slang, arg)

See ya peeps’!



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