typhon day can be over now, i won’t mind

Today was full of rain and boredom. I woke up around 6 and felt like walking outside to celebrate the ‘complete’ night. I mostly went around the neighbourhood, passing by the convenience store to buy some ice (can’t figure out how to refill the ice cube maker of the fridge) and quickly went back inside with wet feet.


let me look real deep with my cacti shirt


Then it felt a bit like a long agony. It was just pure and sad rain, with this hint of heat that really doesn’t make you want to go outside.


So I quarantined myself, cooking food I couldn’t eat much of and started gathering some stress. I looked at the places I wanted to travel to and got kind of hit with the fact that getting out of Nagasaki to go anywhere was costing an arm and a leg. Just to go up to Fukuoka and getting back is minimum 40€ with the cheapest option. And it’s not getting you very far… Car renting isn’t given either and if I ever wanted to fly from Nagasaki Airport, I should be ready to add a good 300€ to the plane ticket, just because. A kind of anguish grew inside of me, and I’m longing the day I’ll get my hands on a bike, just to save some costs at least for travelling inside the prefecture.


There is one thing I can look forward though is the fact that concerning places in Japan, I seem so far to have the luck to have friends and host families coming to visit me in Nagasaki. Nothing set in stone yet since I am stuck with this no-schedule situation for at least a good week and a half, but the idea of having people coming to see me is warming my little stressed heart!

Oh and yeah, enjoy my silly tries as an attempt to occupy myself during this little un-busy day.


Tomorrow, finally some stuff will be happening. Or so I hope!


P.S: I’m seriously toning down the internal drama I had about being so bored today. It feels like I’m not allowing myself to be bored for 3 years now so when there is no option at all like today, it is harsh to bear it, uuuuugh


2 réflexions sur “typhon day can be over now, i won’t mind

  1. The taifun arrived in Kyoto now … SO. MUCH. RAIN.

    Just wanted to quickly comment and say that I really really love reading everything you post (as usual hahah)! Nagasaki looks absolutely beautiful, I love hilly cities like this, so I seriously can’t wait to come over to visit you!

    But yeah, tons of love from Kyotoooo and see you very soon hopefully ❤ Can't wait for your next post.
    – Simone

    PS.: LOVE your tshirt!


    1. Oh my, taifu’s the worst. Nothing to do, stuck home if you cannot be brave enough to find the rain and the wind… I hope it has passed (it’s all on Tokyo now ahah) and you can go back to exploring beautiful Kyoto!
      I’m waiting for youuuu! Just putting this out there: there’s a direct with PEACH from Okasa to Nagasaki :3
      might get up to you some time in november or december 😉
      Thank you and I can’t wait to see your next pictures and read what you’ve been up to!
      ラブラブシモーネ ❤



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