someone gives me something to do, i can’t keep on going shopping everyday

This time, I could sleep. I woke up only twice and at 6 I almost wanted to celebrate these 6 hours of sleep but I diligently went back to sleep, just so I’d make sure to get those precious 8 hours. Woke up at 8 and made myself my little iced latte.

My appetite has been a bit messed up since yesterday and my stomach is battling for food my mind feels fine without. I don’t think these sleepless 48 hours were really appreciated by my body.


yes. i live in the white chicken town. what’s you gonna do about that, uh?


I met up with Mitsuki at 10 (おいみつきちゃん!) and oh my, so nice to see her again! We went for a coffee and talked and talked. I’m surprised how my little social self was almost craving for any sort of interactions after these silent three days. It felt good talking to her. We separated a bit before midday and I went to fulfill my discount mission. After a year in Japan, I discovered that if I had one of these ‘point cards’, I could have saved a lot of money. So not making the same mistake twice, I’m abiding by the point card system and getting discounts where I can!
It was a bit of a trouble understanding the different card systems the supermarket was offering though, and I was almost guided through the opening of a bank account which I promptly walked away from once I realized what was happening. It felt a bit like falling into the lure of a giant bank through the smile of a shy Japanese cashier. But now I have my cards and there I’m coming little discounts!


I went back to my dorm and made some lunch with my other Dutch fellow student, since it seems like we’re the only one alive in these dorms. I showed her the place I bought a small cabinet from for 500¥ (in wood, really pretty, the ones that would cost 20€ at IKEA and that’d you have to put together yourself). The adorable Obaa-chan of the other day was here (but not her son who so nicely just brought back the cabinet all the way to the dormitory for me!) and it’s with a smile and a « be careful, don’t hurt your back » that she gave us the cabinet. The item fits perfectly into our tiny rooms and it just fills a space that would otherwise be wasted. We take the tram to the center (I give up and accept my fate that is to take the tram and not walk through this heat/typhoon/humidity situation) and begins an incredibly boring journey which is to find a shop I was looking for through three malls. We basically walked, laughed at some crazy shop names (#Pré de France, #Msexcite), found refuge in conditioned shops and we reached the harbour, finding the famous shop (and I did not buy the « Rivière magestique » shirt because really, I can’t bring that back to Europe)(nor the « I have your back » written on the front shirt). We stopped for donut before taking the tram back and stopping at the electronic shop. We ended our journey in the supermarket where I picked up a bilingual cooking book with Japanese recipes! May it just be to buy local food, it provides a great guide to understanding Asian fruits and vegetables (goodbye apple, hello rooty stufffff). So I did some nice and tasteful cuisine today…


the japanese nuns
umbrella-ready japanese man with his briefcase and very grown-up backpack


A sort of soy-marinated eggplant entree and Jibu-ni, a chicken dish with a thick soy sauce and vegetables. It was wayyy too salty (I guess all the addition of mirin, sake and soy doesn’t mix well with half a teaspoon of salt). It worked better with rice but for a first try, it’s not too bad 😉

Cooking is a good way to keep busy but I have to say that even with two people, we still had leftovers and I know that I can look forward some salty stuff tomorrow (oh yeah, tasty tasty breakfast)


So the eternal question until Tuesday where something finally happens (and we’re out of the 3-day weekend where nothing happens while a typhoon is trying to kill us), is what am I gonna do tomorrow? I know for sure that I won’t be walking 15 kilometers like the two previous days because it’s not as fun with the heat and the rain. I think I’ll just chill around the area and ask every shop owner like a ghost where I can find a used bike to buy. Yep.

Also, can we note that a perfume I ordered from Amazon Japan (French perfume that is cheaper in Japan, what is happeninggg) arrived in two days and was delivered on a Sunday at 7pm? (first try at 3 in the afternoon)

Japanese post, bravo.



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