Little sleep

Ugh, I had a tough night. I woke up around 3 and my mind kept buzzing until 5 when I decided to get out of bed, after only 3 hours of sleep. I thought I’d be tired and would be back to sleep at 6 but instead, I was fully awake. I cooked a bit for lunch (at 5, yep. it’s already daylight outside), made some coffee (and sadly discovered that my moka pot doesn’t work on induction hobs, had to put it on a pan, it’s a whole process ahah) and by 7 I was already outside strolling around.


delicious moyashiiii


the view from my room

I figured that if I couldn’t sleep, I should take advantage of the early morning to explore without crazy temperatures.

another view from the balcony

How wrong, how deeply wrong was I?   😀

it’s 7:25 and I am conquering the hills with sweat and courage (and a big smile as you can see)

I just had the time to climb my first hill to be hit with sweat and hard sunshine. At 7 a.m, it’s harsh. I continued anyway, but as the sun was rising in the sky, the air got heavier and heavier. It didn’t remove any of the beauty of Nagasaki, in the area of Shiro-tori Machi. The place is just a succession of hills, with the main streets below them. The houses are built on the hills and they can be accessed by some steep stairs. The view from up there is amazing, and damn, cats rule the place.


It felt like another dimension to be able to walk through these narrow streets, in between the houses where you could see an Obaa-chan or two already fixing the garden this early in the morning. The curious cats were asking to be pet and the birds (unfortunately not the ones that sound nice, rather the ones you’re asking where the duck that terrible sound came from) were doing their vocalizes.


Then, after a good hour of walking, the fatigue started to hit hard and I basically had to find a place to sit in the shade as everything was closed. I was supposed to meet with a friend later on but we rescheduled for tomorrow. Around 9, I decided to go buy the last things I needed at a different 100 yen shop, some kilometers away from the center. I wasn’t brave enough to walk outside for 7 kilometers so I took the tram and peacefully enjoyed the air conditioning (damn savior here.)

I reached the shop and generously acquired new stuff for my room; a few stuff to hang things around and gain space, laundry things and very stupid French writings item (I’m feeling like making a contest of finding and buying the most bizarre France-related stuff during these 6 months.) I walked around and noticed that the area downtown, closer to the sea was a bit less hilly, or at least it wasn’t abrupt mounts with ten houses stacked on them. It felt a bit more stern, with still nice places but it comforted me into living in Shiro-tori Machi. I don’t need to take the tram to see this nice area and it is literally next door of my dorm.


I went home (after waiting half an hour at the tram stop, just to realize that this city is made of one-way lines. Line Red goes one way. If you want to go back to where you were, you need to take the black line that will circle the whole city by the south. Painful realization under the fiery sun, ugh.) Once home I cooked myself some lunch with chicken, bean sprouts and noodles (and one thousand pieces of spices) and tried to get some sleep. This attempt lasted two minutes before I headed outside again. I wanted to check out the university nearby but was welcomed with only empty buildings and a 2-kilometer wide campus that I wasn’t brave enough to cross. I’ve visited a lot of universities when I was visiting my friends and always felt a bit out of place. This time wasn’t an exception and it was hard realizing that this time, I was ‘legitimate’ since I was a student there. I don’t know how excited I am for that…

I stopped at a supermarket (I’m trying to see which ones are cheaper) and on the way home, found a small vegetable market held by two old ladies. The fruits were cheap (100¥ for half a watermelon, yes, yes, yes!) and 150¥ for 3 eggplants. I hurried home as the typhoon finally hit. It hasn’t stopped raining since and it’s a good thing because it’s cooling things off a bit!


I made myself some dinner and am now contemplating what I could do. The dormitories are empty like hell and none of the Japanese I’m living with are back yet. The big student meeting is next Tuesday, and I’m hoping that the typhoon won’t be too much of a problem rain-wise. It’s okay if it rains at night but if it rains all day, um…

So yes, a bit of a lonely day today! I don’t know if my lack of sleep was due to the jet lag finally hitting a day later, or if it’s the combination of the heat/bean pillow I was given. I bought another pillow for tonight, so I hope I’ll get some better sleep!

I’m looking forward meeting my friend tomorrow, just to bring some action and some life in this deserted dormitory!



cya later peeps’




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