Oops, I did it again.


I’m back. I’ve been asked if I’d have a blog or if I’d have a way to inform/entertain through my exchange in Japan and there it is. In order to avoid flooding social medias (that I’m trying really hard not to flood, just so I don’t look like this young ‘millennial’ that we take pleasure to shame), I’m putting my stuff here.

I don’t think I’m going to blog every day, just for my own sanity. I want these six months to be part of my life and not just an « exchange. » Because once you get out of it, it feels like routine is Death incarnated. I’ve already done it, so time to make it normal.

I’ll write about funny things that happened, my reflexions, some pictures. A kind of vague diary (again, as alwayyyys) with no pretention.

This time, it’ll be in English, so sorry for my friends back in Lyon, having some news from me will be a constant English training 😦

But you can do it!


So there it is. Some parts of my life on the dark web.



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